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How may we be of service?

When a Death has Occurred

  • • Please accept our condolences and we are here to answer any questions you may have.
  • • You will be asked to answer a number of questions such as the name of the deceased, your name, and other questions prior to submitting your online funeral arrangement wishes with us.
  • • As always, you may contact us directly at 416-259-3705 for assistance.

Pre Plan a Cremation

  • • Using our online funeral arrangement website, you may consider all the options you would like to arrange for your funeral.
  • • Please take as much time as you need to explore your options.

Which type of Cremation are you interested in?

Cremation with Visitation, Service and/or Ceremony:

  • • This cremation option provides a number of personalized visitation, service and/or ceremony options; merchandise selections, and reception packages for you to explore.
  • • Services and ceremonies can be traditional, religious, contemporary or simply how you would like to make your cremation unique.

Direct Cremation:

  • • When selecting our least expensive cremation option, only the essential services and merchandise needed to cremate the body will be provided with this cremation choice.
  • • You may choose to select a container other than the basic cardboard unit and the basic urn, depending on your needs, wishes and budget.

Would you prefer to have your loved ones body present for the Visitation, Service or Ceremony?

Body Present for Visitation, Service or Ceremony:

  • • By having your loved ones body present for the visitation, service, or ceremony; you are encouraging family and friends to pay their respects with the deceased as the focal point.

No body present for Visitation, Service or Ceremony:

  • • Having your loved one cremated prior to the visitation, service, or ceremony allows for the service or ceremony to be conducted with the urn present as the focal point as family and friends pay their respects.